Rosland Cluster

Atmosphere: Invasive Toxic
Temperature: Variable Temperate to Warm
Biosphere: Miscible
Tech Level: T2
Population: Billions

Culture: Indian
Original Reason for Colonization: Exiles
Initial Government: Tribalism
Societal Traits: Animistic, Cruel, Warlike
Conflict: Resentment
-An aggrieved group still hates another for a past war
-The aggrieved group is dependent on those they resent for jobs and resources
-The aggrieved group has lost all distinction from the main except for the shared hate
Government Evolution: Tribal groups form into Corporatism structure

Candraman society is deeply divided over both tribal and relgious lines
Alien Ruins
The remnants of a lost civilization, the fragments of alien philosophy found in these ruins serves as the focus of Candrama’s major religions


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