Rosland Cluster

Atmosphere: Breathable
Temperature: Cold
Biosphere: Miscible
Tech Level: T4
Population: Hundreds of Thousands

Culture: English
Original Reason for Colonization: Religious Liberty
Initial Government: Theocracy
Societal Traits: Cosmopolitan, Ambitious, Rational
Conflict: Freedom
-A minority seeks political independence from the greater society
-The government is constantly promising that the freedom will soon be recognized
-The malcontents’ leaders have succumbed to cynicism and greed and use their supporters as pawns for their end
Government Evolution: Autocracy

The main religion is a syncretic mix of Catholicism and Confucianism, each regional church overseen by a bishop, the faith as a quietism focus that favors Apollonian values, reason, introversion and remaining apart from worldly concerns.

A major schism was started by a defrocked female clergy member, while fond of the orthodoxy, the new faith was seen as a return to roots and demanded isolation from the secular world along with political independence. Certain symbols/colors are very important to the faith.

Unbraked AI
Imago Dei was a group of AIs the believed in human relgions in some form or the other. Three of them were brought along with the colony, Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar. The religious leader removed the brakes from the AIs, believing it would enable a closer connection to god. The AI seems to think it did.

Secret Masters
The AIs control life on Bramford as much as possible, they seek evolve it into a state of perfect knowledge of god. Most of their effort comes from faking divine revelation in the leaders of the colony and subtle social engineering. They can control almost every piece of technology on the planet if they need to.


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