Rosland Cluster

Atmosphere: Breathable
Temperature: Temperate
Biosphere: Miscible
Tech Level: T4
Population: Millions

Culture: Arabic
Original Reason for Colonization: Mandate Malcontents
Initial Government: Corporatism
Societal Traits: Individualistic, Suspicious, Resigned
Conflict: Resentment
-An aggrieved group blames another for a past planetary disaster
-The aggrieved group fears the consequences of open conflict, and so maintains public civility.
-The aggrieved have lost almost all of what made them a distinct group except for the shared hate.
Government Evolution: Autocracy

Freak Geology
Harmah is not a natural world, the land consists of a perfect, fractal geometric pattern to the land over the entire world, resources are distributed with perfect symmetry.
Psionics Academy
The Psionics Academy is not only the place of training for all psychics in the Rosland cluster it is the head of the planetary government and a major power.


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